Amethyst Drop Scarab Necklace

Amethyst Drop Scarab Necklace

This luxurious Egyptian Amethyst Scarab necklace is reminiscent of the 1920's Art Deco era.

Amanda Marcucci necklaces are not only beautiful pieces but are also very powerful in Healing the wearer.

Each piece is designed using the same Gemstones and symbols as the ancient Egyptians once used evoking the same powers.


  • Made in Florence, Italy
  • 24K Gold plates Silver
  • 40cm length
  • 40mm Amethyst Scarab pendant
  • 3mm Malachite and Onyx cabochon
  • Set on Pyrite 5mm beads
  • 15mm Chalcedony faceted drops
  • 8mm Malachite drops
  • Hook Clasp