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Necklaces, layering necklaces on woman


Atlantis collection

Special sustainable jewelry perfect for summer and beach settings, offering an array of rare and stunning semi-precious stones and crystals.

golden hues

This collection is a result of being inspired by the captivating golden Caribbean sunsets.

ocean blues

Explore the exquisite shades of Aquamarine, Amazonite, Larimar and Chryophrase evoking the beauty of the ocean.

Larimar Cuff Ring - Amanda Marcucci

Larimar Cuff Ring

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Natural Larimar Cuff Bangle - Amanda Marcucci

Natural Larimar Cuff Bangle

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Amazonite Necklace with Gold Scarab - Amanda Marcucci

Amazonite Necklace with Gold Scarab

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Chrysoprase and Stalactite Necklace - Amanda Marcucci

Chrysoprase and Stalactite Necklace

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Turquoise, Nicholas, short necklace, multi gemstones, amber necklace, layering, necklace, beach necklace

Unisex beach jewellery

At last, an assortment of beach and summer jewelry created for all to adorn. Appropriate for both gentlemen and ladies. These cascading necklaces exude elegance on both our male and female clientele.