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Red Jasper is known as a shaman’s stone. It gathers energy for brave and practical strategic action. This type of jasper provides strength, courage, and determination. It is also extremely grounding and soothing as a base chakra stone. Socially, Red Jasper can also be used to nurture others and remind people to be kind to each other. 

The Jasper Family

The Jasper family of stones comes with a lot of titles – supreme nurturer, stone of courage, stone of wisdom – and no matter what type you favour or choose, these qualities are present in all of them.

Jasper unifies all aspects of your life, reminding people to help each other. It absorbs negative energy, balances yin/yang, aligns body, mind, spirit, useful for shamanic travel. These stones also aid quick thinking and will re energise you after recovering from illness. Jasper comes in many different colours, but all are useful for grounding subtle energy that will translate into action in the world.

These stones are able to support you during times of stress by providing tranquility. Jasper reminds people that we are all here to help one another. It provides protection and grounding energy for your physical body. This stone also promotes determination, helping you to tackle challenges assertively and face your truth with honesty.

Jasper helps with quick thinking, organisational skills, and the imagination, allowing you to transform your ideas into action.



According to Viking and Germanic legend, the hilt of the magical sword Gram was inlaid with red jasper, giving Sigurd the Dragon Slayer unbreakable courage.

The ancient Egyptians linked this type of jasper with the fertilising blood of Mother Isis. They often carved it into protective amulets to be placed upon the neck of the deceased.

Many believe that the “rubies” mentioned throughout the Bible could have been red jasper.

Red Jasper was called the “blood of Mother Earth” by some Native American tribes. It was used to stimulate health, promote new ideas, and stabilise the body while dousing for water or calling rain.

Chakra Association

Red jasper is associated with the base (or root) chakra.

Astrological Association 

Red Jasper holds a strong connection with Aries.





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