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Atum is one of the most important deities since the earliest times in Egyptian mythology. Atum was known as the God of Creator. He was the first God to exist on the earth from waters of Chaos and he created all the Gods and the universe. Atum also spelled as Tem, Temu, Tum, and Atem whose name means “Complete” or “Perfection”.

His appearances portrayed as a man with the double crown of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt and wearing the royal head-cloth. Sometimes he is also shown as a primeval serpent, lion, bull, lizard or scarab.

Atum was even called the father to the king. In the old Kingdom, the Egyptian believed that Atum who lifted the dead king to the starry heavens and protecting him in the Underworld. The title “Son of Atum” was included in the many titles of the king.

According to the early Heliopolitan creation myth, Atum was both male and female and thus the creator of the god  Shu and goddess Tefnut. Also, describe how Atum create Shu and Tefnut with his semen or from his spittle.

In later times, Atum was portrayed as a man merged with the setting sun and became Atum-Ra. He was worshipped by Egyptians throughout Egypt, with his cult centered on the city of Heliopolis.

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