September 09, 2020 2 min read

We are pleased to announce that the wildlife foundation to which we will be donating  our 15% charity funds from all sales at Amanda Marcucci as Space for Giants.
Space for Giants
Space for Giants is an international conservation organisation that protects the great wildlife landscapes that Africa’s remaining elephants need to survive and thrive. These landscapes give homes to giants. But they also bring great value to people and nations: biodiversity, livelihoods and enterprise, new medicines, carbon storage, even the very oxygen we breathe and the water we drink.
But they are under threat. Criminals kill endangered species for tusks, horns, scales, and skins. Needing more land to feed their families, farmers expand their fields into wildlife habitat and understandably retaliate when animals then damage their crops. Climate change and unsustainable development combine to drive species large and small towards extinction, wrecking nature’s biodiverse balance. Space for Giants grew out of pioneering research in the early 2000s into how to encourage the co-existence of people and wildlife in modernising Africa.
Since then, we have spent close to two decades working in these landscapes, studying how people and wild animals live together, and how that relationship is changing. We understand that to survive, these landscapes and their wildlife must prove that they bring value today, and long into the future. They must become assets people and governments value, and therefore fight to protect. We also understand that time is short. While we work to demonstrate this value, we must also act now to preserve these landscapes and their wild inhabitants, so that they don’t disappear before it’s too late
To find out more about Space for Giants or to donate, please clink link below.
Photo By Roshni Lodhia for Space for Giants. 

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